Vintage Dental Porcelain

Making dental restorations is part science and part art. Creating your teeth can take over 260 steps, each step requiring a unique instrument or material. Understanding these steps requires a broad knowledge of occlusion, tooth morphology, and color science. That understanding, combined with creativity, makes each restoration unique to each patient. No two teeth are the same. When you combine the laboratory techniques with the clinical techniques, it is easy to see the level of expertise that goes in to each restoration. Keeping up to date with dentistry and dental technology requires the highest level of training and education. By attending and teaching courses we stay up to date with the most current techniques and materials. Being current and devoted is not enough. Your restoration, which is essentially replacing a body part, is only as good as the materials that are used. This is why we seek out and use the finest materials possible. We have a close relationship with many of the manufacturers whose products we use, and consider these manufacturers our partners. We are often asked to consult with these companies to make their products better. Their products are a vital part of your restoration. These links below will connect you to the companies that make the products we use for your dental restoration. It’s not practical to link to all the products and instruments for each of the 260+ steps. These materials below are the most commonly used materials that will be placed in your mouth.


Veneering Ceramic


Ceramic Cores or Frameworks

  Veneering porcelains are used to create your veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays. They can be used by themselves or over the top of ceramic or metal frameworks.  

Frameworks or cores are used underneath the veneering porcelain. They are used for added strength to support the veneering ceramic.

  e-Max Ceram
GC Initial
  – IPS e.Max
– Zirconia (various manufacturers)
  Metal Cores or Frameworks   Implant Parts  
  Metal frameworks and cores are used for strength and support in the same manner as ceramic frameworks.   We use implant parts from many companies. These are the most commonly used implants chosen by our surgeons.  
  Lodestar alloy
Maxigold Alloy
– Magenta Alloy
d-Sign 67 alloy

  Nobel Biocare
Dentsply Sirona
Zimmer Dental