Creating life-like restorations with a high attention to detail cannot be done quickly or easily. The time involved results in a schedule that may not always coincide with your own. To offset this, we work closely with your dentist by arranging appointments that will minimize your inconvenience. There are a few things can affect the turn-around time for your case. Large complex cases will take more time to schedule than single crowns. Well-made, long lasting restorations; ones you will value, are definitely worth any extra time invested.

Gina Keller is the office manager for Arcus Laboratory. Scheduling, bookkeeping and administrative duties are a small part of what she does on a daily basis. Gina is adept at all things digital; including Photoshop, PowerPoint, and web development software.

Away from the office Gina enjoys time in the mountains, walking/hiking, photography and antiquing. She is married with two grown children and two grandchildren.